My name is Joe Grieco, a native of the City of Steel, Pittsburgh PA, and since 1983 I’ve been dedicated to helping families like yours make smarter choices with their money. I started WealthKeep LLC, a Pennsylvania registered Limited Liability Corporation, for people who need to find a new financial path, the Path to Financial Wellness.

Young people just starting out who don’t know where to begin. Older people, retirees who want to ensure their financial story has a happy ending. People of any age who want to stop spending their nights tossing and turning, worrying about being vulnerable to risk and volatility, running out of money, or drowning in runaway debt.

Wherever you are on the timeline, you deserve honest, “you-centered” coaching, not advice tied to a person or firm that puts their own interests ahead of yours.

With nearly four decades under my belt as Certified Financial Planner, investment advisor, and Certified Coach, my work has always been built on a simple organizing principle: Critical life-decisions are rooted in the love of family, the desire for optimum health, and the money necessary to support the first two.  

Family, health, money.  In that order.  What could be more important?

Along the way, I’ve learned that everybody has a “money story,” but too many of them have unhappy endings, so I help my clients move forward to something better. To my clients, making more money isn’t the end game. Keeping it is.

I welcome the opportunity to hear your story, and tell you mine.  There are no obligations, never a hard sell and never any surprises, so please feel welcome to reach out to me here at or email [email protected], and feel welcome to call me at 412-522-0229.

Professional Credentials and Licensing

Certified Coach. In 2011, I earned my Certified Coach credential, having completed all Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours through Coach Training Alliance, member of the International Coaching Federation, the ICF.

Certified Financial Planner. After thirty-seven blemish-free years, having satisfied all registration, continuing education and professional credential requirements to serve as a Certified Financial Planner professional, I voluntarily allowed my CFP® certification to lapse on January 31, 2024. I earned my professional designation in 1987 through The College for Financial Planning, Denver, Colorado. I also served on the College for Financial Planning’s adjunct faculty. You will find my registration number, 14941, here:

FINRA Securities and Investment Advisor licensing.  From 1983 through 2021, I was licensed with FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, satisfying all registration, education and continuing education requirements as a Registered Representative (Series 7, 63), Registered Investment Adviser Representative (Series 65), Registered Options Principal (Series 4) and Registered Supervisory Principal. (Series 24). 

State Life Insurance Licensing. In 1983, I successfully tested for licensing as a Life and Annuities agent in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. My PA agent number is 320780. 

Nearly Four Decades of Private Client Experience

I am a money coach, and WealthKeep LLC was formed to serve a clientele that is not being served by banks or brokers. I left the securities industry on my terms with a spotless regulatory compliance record, meaning no client complaints. Ever. I’m more proud of that than any other industry recognition or accomplishment, because I’ve always held fair, ethical treatment, and conflict-free relationships as my personal standard.

As an employee of some of the largest banks and brokerages in the US, I’ve coached and advised private client relationships exceeding $400 Million total portfolio assets, and $1.25 Billion in estate assets.

For decades, I’ve counseled, advised, planned, coached and taught people how to attain financial wellness by staying true to their own personal goals, regardless of market gyrations or somebody else’s objectives. I’ve worked in corporate boardrooms, executive offices, at kitchen tables and in the classrooms of the Community College of Allegheny County and the University of Pittsburgh. 

I’ve written about how to invest. A few of my published articles, “All bubbles are bound to burst…,” appeared in The Pittsburgh Business Times, and “Solid Strategies for Generating Tax Alpha,” appeared in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal.  I now publish my own content right here on

Well, enough about me!  I welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, hear your money story and help you solve some of your most pressing money problems. 

And I promise there are no obligations, and never any surprises!

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training AllianceThe term Certified Coach is reserved for professionals who have successfully completed the experience and certification requirements established by the ICF, International Coaching Federation, and Coach Training Alliance.

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