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If you are seeking get rich quick schemes you’re in the wrong place. But if you are serious about building meaningful lifetime wealth, welcome, you’re in the right place.

Our site is loaded with important educational content for investors who want to be self-sufficient and build wealth. Deliberately.

These are tested solutions on how to make wealth, how to keep wealth and how to become a self-sufficient investor.


Smart, self-sufficient investors know how to handle money, and handling money well means producing consistent returns over a long period of time, in a tax-efficient and cost effective manner.

[✓] Consistent returns

[✓] Tax-efficient

[✓] Cost-effective

You can check all the boxes with a passive investing strategy we call Passive Make.

Passive Make. Active Keep.

Beating vs. Winning

Fix the Investor + Fix the Investments = Investor Self-Sufficiency

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What’s the point of making money if you don’t know how to hold onto it?

Keeping money requires a whole different set of skills and strategies than making money. Have you ever noticed how all of the attention goes to making money and too little goes to strategies for keeping it?

To be successful you need proven active strategies to preserve your wealth, an essential element to long term investing success.  We all it Active Keep.

WealthKeep’s popular FIX THE INVESTMENTS Series

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Do you feel self-sufficient when you’re handling money? No? 

Investor Self-Sufficiency has nothing to do with the investments you own.It has everything to do with modifying your behaviors as an investor, the ones that have held you back from accumulating wealth.

Investor coaching solutions focus on a single goal: helping you become a better, more confident investor that knows how to consistently achieve better wealth building outcomes by fixing your habits and fixing your investments.

Investor Self-sufficiency is rooted in independence. But if you’re happy being dependent, taking direction from your Wall Street quota-driven broker, then WealthKeep’s independent, objective, client-partnering process may not be right for you.

Financial independence and self-sufficiency put you in control, empowered by the lifetime skills to make your own money decisions. Building authentic financial wellness, free from Wall Street’s subjective quotas and sales goals, is an objective we will help you realize.

WealthKeep’s popular FIX THE INVESTOR Series

Fix the Investor + Fix the Investments = Investor Self-sufficiency

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Are you more of a toe in the water type of person?

If you replied “yes,” then you’re in good company. Most people like to take it slow when faced with making new money decisions. Deliberation is a good thing, so we make it easy to put a toe in the water by offering ways to experience coaching with no cost, no obligation and no worries! It never hurts to kick the tires.

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