Achieve Money Mastery, Independence and Self-sufficiency.

If you’re scouring the internet for the perfect get rich quick scheme, you’re in the wrong place!

But if you’re serious about taking control of your money and becoming independent and self-sufficient, welcome, you’re in the right place.

Making money is one thing.

But becoming an independent, self-sufficient investor that has mastery over money is quite another.

The key is keeping it!


Smart, self-sufficient investors know how to handle money, and handling money well means managing volatility. It means producing consistent returns over a long period of time. It means handling money in a tax-efficient and cost effective manner.

[✓] Manage Volatility

[✓] Consistent returns

[✓] Tax-efficient

[✓] Cost-effective

Yes, you can check all the boxes!

WealthKeep teaches an investing strategy called Passive Make.

Passive Make. Active Keep.

Beating vs. Winning

Fix the Investor + Fix the Investments = Investor Self-Sufficiency

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What’s the point of making money if you don’t have the skills to hold onto it?

Money Mastery means knowing how to keep it!

WealthKeep’s mission is help you defeat your money’s enemies, the many forces that try to pick your pockets clean every day: Spiraling debt. Confiscatory taxes. Out of control spending. These and the myriad money enemies that will leave you broke even after you have had success in the financial markets.

Isn’t it time you shifted your focus toward keeping your money?

Our Active Keep approach will teach you how to become a successful money keeper, the critical element to long term wealth building success.

WealthKeep’s popular Fix The Investments Series

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Do you feel independent and self-sufficient when you’re handling money? No? 

Independence and Self-Sufficiency have nothing to do with the investments you own. They have everything to do with you being in control of your biases and behaviors, the ones that have held you back from keeping money. From accumulating wealth.

Our coaching solutions focus on a primary goal: helping you become a better, more confident money master that knows how to consistently achieve better wealth building outcomes by fixing your habits and fixing your investments.

WealthKeep can help you find authentic financial wellness.

WealthKeep’s popular Fix The Investor Series

Fix the Investor + Fix the Investments = Investor Self-sufficiency

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Are you more of a toe in the water type of person? If you replied “yes,” then you’re in good company. Most people like to take it slow when faced with making new money decisions. Deliberation is a good thing, so we make it easy to put a toe in the water by offering ways to experience coaching with no cost, no obligation and no worries! It never hurts to kick the tires.

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