Book Report: Charles Payne’s Unstoppable Prosperity

This man is on a mission to help everyday investors build unstoppable wealth and prosperity.

I’ve been watching Charles Payne on the Fox Business channel for many years, and to say that I trust the things he says is an understatement. Charles is high knowledge, high credibility, and no BS.  And for bonus points, he’s a snappy dresser.

So when he announced the release of his book, Unstoppable Prosperity (Paradigm Direct LLC, 2019), I knew it was just a matter of time until a copy would be on my shelves. Well, I got the book, and Mr. Payne has lived up to everything I believe about him, and then some.

The book is organized into ten tight chapters, high on stuff, light on fluff. Its written in direct and clear language so that novice and veteran investors, and even professional money people will learn from it.

The subtitle nails the premise: Learn the strategy I’ve used for years to beat the market. Full disclosure, if you search the term “beat the market” in this website, you find an abundance of reasons that most people will be better off in the long run if they index their portfolio, and do not attempt to beat the market.

So, do I disagree that individual investors can beat the market? No, I do believe most people will not beat the market because of their own biases and behaviors. The operative word is “most.”

So who beats the market? Usually people that have gotten their biases and behaviors under control, and do not approach the markets, or run from them, emotionally.

In fact, in chapter four, Behaviorals: Managing the Moods of the Market, Charles addresses that very subject head on. “It’s one thing to be the master of your own emotions and avoid self-sabotage in your investing efforts,” he writes, “but its something entirely different to weather the storm when everyone else seems to be losing their collective minds.”

I believe that Behaviorals is the foundation that the rest of his work is built upon, and the rest of his work is as robust as the big man himself: Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, building and managing portfolios, a rather detailed section on classic mistakes that investors make, and finally a capstone chapter about putting it all together and into action.

And to close this brief report, allow me to close with a smart money tip: Go to this link and get the book and additional goodies for free (pay shipping cost only).

(Note #1: its February 18, 2022 and I don’t know how long this offer will be available)

(Note #2: I receive absolutely no referral fees or affiliate income from recommending this book…I like it that much!)




Book Report: The Wealthy Barber

If you are serious about all things money, you must put The Wealthy Barber on your reading list. Like right now! Here is just one of the many nuggets from the book that can literally transform lives:

Wealth beyond your wildest dreams is possible if you follow the golden rule: Invest ten percent of all you make for long-term growth. If you follow that one simple guideline, someday you’ll be a very rich man. -David Chilton

The Wealthy Barber: Everyone’s Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent by David Chilton