BreadFix®  is a private client money coaching service.

Delivered exclusively via Google Meet.

Money coaching services must be results-focused, effective, easy and accessible, so busy people in have become comfortable with virtual business, and often prefer it to personal interaction. In response to today’s time and health demands, BreadFix delivers coaching sessions exclusively online through Google Meet.

Money Coaching is not financial services; it’s “people services.”

It is a practice dedicated to helping people reach their fullest potential by achieving financial self-sufficiency.

Money coaching is the marriage of behavioral economics (people’s biases and behaviors relating to money) and sound money management skills implemented for the sole purpose of achieving your most important goals in life.

Very few financial professionals are offering coaching to their private clients, since the emphasis of coaching is on education and self-improvement, not on product sales.

Advisors from big, national firms can’t afford to offer coaching services because it doesn’t fit the corporate models of their big banks and brokerages. As a result, authentic money coaching has become the province of independent professionals. Its no surprise that most qualified money coaches have a background in traditional financial services.

In its ideal form, money coaching helps you discover your unconscious and destructive beliefs, biases and behaviors that have held you back from making smarter money choices, and your  money coach will help you reach your financial goals such as how to build savings, create a financial plan or pay down debt. 

As your behaviors change, and your financial literacy improves your money coach can help you identify what drives your personal financial decisions, develop healthier attitudes about finances, and create dependable lifelong habits.  

Money Coaching is a highly personalized process and is designed to deliver exactly what you need it to deliver toward achieving your most important goals in life.

For instance, if out-of-control spending is your downfall, your coach may have you do some self-examination about what goals are truly important to you, examine your current spending patterns and develop a better strategy to ensure you improve.  

Your BreadFix money coach can help you:

  • Understand and control your spending.
  • Understand your money fears, and the emotional aspects of personal finance.
  • Create a budget that you can live with.
  • Create a financial plan for long-term success.
  • Establish an emergency fund.
  • Manage debt.

These areas should be examined and developed to build a solid foundation that you can build a beter investment plan upon.

From a philosophical standpoint, working on the investor is the necessary step before working on the money.  

Fix the Investments. From a purely functional perspective, the coaching will help you get out of debt, structure a workable budget, find the best investment solutions for your particular goals, or structure the best possible retirement planning strategy, to name just a few. This simply means fixing the investments so they work harder for you. Fixing the investments means that you must stop trying to BEAT the market, because in the long run you won’t. It’s not the solution to achieving financial self-sufficiency. 

Fix the Investor. From a behavioral standpoint, the coaching will help you to modify or eliminate the behaviors and biases that have caused you to be fearful or hesitant when making financial decisions. The objective is to eliminate destructive, loss-producing habits and become an emotionally intelligent investor, which is far more important than merely picking the right stock. This means fixing the investor.

That depends on you!

Coaching success comes down to your expectations and your openness to being coached, and your coach’s ability to know what drives you.

Some people are simply not “coachable” because they’ve had some bad experiences with other “professionals” using manipulative sales tactics. It happens, and their defensiveness is understandable.

Clients come to learn that money coaching is not just another wolf in sheep’s clothing, and its not a product.

Its a process centered around self-improvement.

A successful money coach is one you don’t need anymore!

Client self-sufficiency is the singular desired ultimate outcome of money coaching, the state of being where investors no longer depend on Wall Street or its brokers and agents, having developed the emotional composure and intellectual ability to make their own money decisions based on their objectives-based financial plans.

It means fixing the investor. It means fixing the investments. It means fixing the money. It means fixing the future.

If you’ve worked with a traditional investment broker, adviser or financial planner, you already know they may or may not add value, and what a money coach can bring to the table may not be quite as apparent. The principles of coaching tell us that our clients already have the instinctual ability to determine and achieve their goals, but often don’t achieve them because they may have emotional biases and behaviors that destroy their ability to move forward. Coaches and clients share the same goal:  Investor Self-sufficiency.

WealthKeep and BreadFix focus on the investor first, and then the investments.

Why? Because investors are emotional and inefficient when handling their own money, so emotional and inefficient, in fact, that they may turn otherwise good investments into bad outcomes.

Admit it. You’ve made mistakes with your money. That’s okay, we all have. But the biggest mistake is not doing something about it.

Our commitment is simply this: Provide you with smarter ways to live with money.

No strings attached, no surprises, no worries!

If you are just a bit worried about “being sold,” don’t worry!

The first session is absolutely free.

We don’t do the hard sell, ever! That’s a promise.

We never ask for your financial information like account numbers or credit card numbers. We don’t need them.

Coaching fee payments are done through PayPal or Apple Pay.

We are strictly “pay as you go,” there is never a lump sum payment.

We don’t believe in contracts that bind you to some indefinite service period.

We do use agreements that outline coaching engagement expectations, and you can “fire” us at any time without penalty, but we hope you don’t!  

Well, that’s the long and short of it. If you have questions, drop us an email.

Three convenient ways to get the financial coaching you need.

You’re a bit more serious about getting started, and ready to put more than a toe in the water. 

But there are never any strings attached.

The first session is always free!

The way we deliver coaching, specifically Personal Money Coaching, is built on two foundational theories; the Certified Financial Planning Six Step model, and the ICF Professional Coaching model.

If you’re ready for a private relationship with your coach, and the personal attention that goes with it, then BreadFix Coaching on Google Meet is simply the most convenient and affordable way to achieve the financial self-sufficiency you’ve been searching for. $100-150 per coaching hour. And before you decide, the first hour consultation and coaching session is always free!

SSend an email to [email protected].

In the title line type “NO STRINGS ATTACHED.”

We will reply with an email stating a proposed time to meet on Google Meet. Plan to spend up to fifty minutes in the session.

If the proposed time doesn’t work then we’ll find another.

For employers looking to provide employees a way to maximize their retirement savings plans, employee benefits plans and promote overall financial wellness among their employees, we offer four tracks (single workshop to three session courses) all deliverable on- or off-site, for groups of ten to twenty.

This is a structured format that teaches financial wellness in a step-by-step logical progression. Fees are based on specific needs, generally a one time fee of $500 – $1500 per session. NOTE: The coaches are not selling services or products to your employees. We will not attempt to contact them. Our contact information will be on materials used, and if an employee decides to reach out for further personal attention, it is solely at their discretion.

You’re serious about improving your personal finances, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on personal coaching. Okay, this is  a great first step if you just want to put a toe in the water.  It’s private, budget friendly and can help you explore and define the right goals for you. It can also help you build a solid base of knowledge, a foundation to help you determine if personal coaching is the path you want to take. Fixed Price $10; Available Summer 2023