You’ve spent the last thirty, forty or more years working hard, building a nest egg that would carry you through the rest of your life in retirement.

And now that you are, can you really afford to risk it? Can you afford to invest as if you were younger and still working?

If you’re like most retired people, the answer is, “no.”

Building wealth before you retire is about taking risk and making money.

Keeping wealth after you retire is about avoiding risk and never losing money.

Pretty simple, right?

WealthKeep Advanced Wealth Protection is for people who can’t afford to lose money.

If  you are nearing or have reached retirement age, then keeping wealth, protecting it, is the critical step in ensuring your golden years are happy, productive and worry-free. After all, what’s the use of taking decades to build wealth if you don’t know how to keep it? 

Growing assets while managing and avoiding unnecessary risk were essential steps that helped you create your nest egg, that pile of assets that you hope will carry you through retirement, setting yourself up to live the life you always dreamed of. 

But retirement demands a new set of rules. Do you know how to make the transition from wealth builder to wealth keeper? Knowing how to preserve your assets, employ principal-protected growth strategies, controlling spending and debt, create never-ending income streams and never paying a dollar more in taxes that you are legally obliged to pay, must be the new strategies in your retirement playbook.

WealthKeep Advanced Wealth Protection follows a four-cornered strategic approach to prevent capital loss, stop wealth erosion and guard against tax loss and diminishing income.

Fix the Investor. Becoming a better investor means changing with your new normal.

When you retire, there is an enormous risk in continuing to invest like you did in your forties. Or fifties. Investors, even ones that made money in earlier years, often need help in making the shift to another set of strategies that are designed to protect what they’ve worked so hard to build.  

Fix the Investments. Even of you were good at it in the past, you must stop trying to BEAT the market, because in the long run, you won’t.

You’re retired. You’re older, and wiser. Your investing time horizon has necessarily shortened to match your life expectancy That means your ability to take on market risk has greatly diminished. You must stop wasting your time and energy attempting to interpret the financial tea leaves as if you were the only inhabitant of this planet to have access to the magic formula! 

In your golden years, you need a superior strategy, one that protects your assets against market losses. Its time to build a fortress around your assets, and create dependable income streams that will live longer than you. 

Passive Make. Passive and principal-protected investing strategies do not depend on roaring stock markets to make and keep wealth. On the contrary, personal goals-based asset models designed to eliminate market risk, protect your principal and generate dependable income, are at the heart of Advanced Wealth Protection solutions.

For pre-retirement clients, we recommend passive strategies to market investing, relying heavily on asset allocation models to guide our decisions.

For post retirement clients, we rely solely on passive-based guaranteed principal-protected strategies so there is never the risk of losing principal while preserving the potential for growth. That’s called Advanced Wealth Protection.

Active Keep. This is the literally other side of the wealth coin.

Lasting wealth is about what you keep, and Active Keep is a dedicated strategy to pay the necessary attention to the other half of the wealth equation by creating a rigorous money keeping system.

Being a good investor is no longer good enough. In retirement, you must become a skilled money steward. That means handling your money on a day-to-day basis with the utmost care and attention that you gave to portfolio building in all the decades prior.  It’s likely that you already know a number of active money keeping strategies (like sticking to a budget or keeping debt at bay), but have you built a system that can almost automatically repair the cracks that your money now slips through?

WealthKeep Advanced Wealth Protection. Ask us how you can protect and preserve your assets, and how you can generate dependable income you cannot outlive.

Never. Lose. Money.