Passive Make. Active Keep. ™

What is Passive Make?

Passive Make investing strategies use low-cost indices-tracking exchange traded funds, no-load index funds or low cost asset allocation models to represent only the indices and asset classes that your personal goals-based allocation model requires. 

Passive Make strategies are based on your risk tolerance, your time horizon, your tax situation and your required rates of return, and in accordance with the time-tested tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory.

When we become emotionally involved in the daily green arrow-red arrow war, we lose. This destructive emotional behavior can and must be fixed. Wall Street will have you believe that you can watch the arrows on cable every day and somehow figure out a strategy to get wealthy, but when you waste time watching the markets bounce up and down, the gravitational pull on your emotions intensifies, and before you know it, you’re  sucked in by green arrow-red arrow wars.

The Passive Make paradigm replaces this foolish, random emotional decision making with an objectives-based personal investing protocol.

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What is Active Keep?

Active Keep is the other side of the wealth coin.

Making money is the prerequisite to wealth building, but lasting wealth is about what you keep.

Active Keep is a dedicated strategy to pay the necessary attention to the other half of the wealth equation by creating a rigorous money keeping system.  It’s not enough to be good investor. How you handle your money on a day-to-day and decade-to-decade basis is the key to lasting wealth. You need a system that helps you protect your hard earned wealth from its enemies.

It’s likely that you already know a number of active money keeping strategies, but have you built a system that can almost automatically repair the cracks that your money now slips through?

Not having a system is a consequential mistake. Active keeping strategies are about recapturing money that would have slipped through the cracks. 

Reducing investment costs, minimizing taxes, asset location strategies, generating tax alpha, savings habits, budgeting and spending, debt management and risk management are just some of the distinct strategies that can help you to achieve overall financial wellness, and none of these things depend on picking stocks or beating the market.

Passive Make. Active Keep.

Wealth creation and wealth protection, like football, is a game of inches. Those inches lead to yards, the yards lead to downs, the downs lead to scoring, and the scoring leads to winning.

With Passive Make and Active Keep as the foundations to your wealth building strategy, you will enjoy an enormous premium in the form of invisible “returns” that are not related to your investments. These “inches” add up. We call them “retains,” the money you hold onto as a direct result of having a solid money keeping strategy, money that is now slipping through the cracks.

Together, Passive Make. Active Keep. ℠ sum up your personalized and strategic approach to achieving the WealthKeep strategic mission to achieve Investor Self-sufficiency.

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