The phrase “a work in progress” generally refers to some activity, process or project (maybe a delegated work task, restoring a classic car, remodeling the basement or writing a book), that is still underway.

The tasks are being carried out and you’re at some stage of completion. Good, so things are moving along, but should merely “getting it over with” be the desired goal? To those that may have “had it up to here” with the work, the phrase is often uttered sarcastically, suggesting a weariness for the process itself, and just wanting to be done with the damn thing.

“How’s it coming along?”

“Oh, you know…still workin’ on it! It’s a work in progress (sigh).”

Gee, it doesn’t sound like it!

The desired positive result of any proactive process designed to achieve improvement is called progress.

But progress should not be viewed as simply cruising past the finish line; rather, progress should be measured by the cumulative rewards we enjoy by becoming better at something or attaining those things for which we’ve worked so hard.

Progress generates its own energy, and by its very nature is never ending. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey, leveraging your latest efforts to shatter the status quo into your next higher state of improvement. Their better place.

Life is the ultimate work in progress. There is no set target, no ultimate state of being. We humans are programmed to strive to be better, acquire more, no matter how good we are or how much we have. The target is always moving, and things can always be better as we clip past the benchmarks.

Better health, better wealth, better relationships, better guacamole, right? Why would you ever want to stop your progress after you’ve attained some artificial end game? Acquiring more is not about greed. It’s about improving your life, the lives of your loved ones, and enjoying the peace of mind that financial soundness brings.

Investor Self-sufficiency is a work in progress. Long after the coaching ends, you keep the process alive, striving for a lifetime of personal and financial improvement tied to achieving your objectives-based life goals.

About Your Wealth

Your wealth is everything!

No, not just your money.

Your wealth is your money, of course, but it’s much more than that. Your wealth is your family, your health, your experiences and you. Yes, you are the most important asset in your portfolio. Look hard. You’re in there, each position, each asset, every trade a clue to your methods and madness. Your personality, your fears and expectations, biases and behaviors. All in there!

When we use the term “a work in progress,” it’s about advancing the investor, and gaining improvements marked by personal growth and financial security on the way to achieving lasting wealth.

A work in progress is never complete.

Never. Lose. Money.