Timing a bit off?

That’s a big club you’re in. Seems like everyone else’s is, too. One of the basic precepts of successful investing is to let time do the heavy lifting.

When you realize that its all about “time in” the market and not “timing” the market, and adopt it as a core investing philosophy, you’ll find that while the peaks aren’t as thrilling, the dips sure as heck aren’t as scary, but your returns should be better than ever.

Lets look at a graph (a bit dated from 2014, but it makes the major point) from the Mutual Fund Research Center.

By trying to beat the market (timing) versus being the market (time in) for just one day cost you a little over  $13,000. But if you are the persistent type, smarter than everyone else, your timing escapades may have cost you over $100,000 by missing only the best thirty days in a 26 year period.

Let your Regret Avoidance deal with that one!