Fix the Investor Series

Fix the Investor + Fix the Investments = Investor Self-sufficiency

Fix the Investor: Mirror Mirror

Work with a financial* coach? What does that mean?

What is Holistic Financial Planning?

Anchoring Bias

Hindsight Bias


What…me worry? Curing overconfident investing


That means Investor Self-Sufficiency

Bad things happen when you believe you’re smarter than the market

So tell me more about what a badass trader you are!

It’s about Time In, not Timing! Get this wrong and LOSE BIG!

Investment Performance Often DOES NOT EQUAL Investor Performance

Investor, Know Thyself

Your Money has Enemies. You are it’s Worst!

OH, BEHAVE!: YOU Are Your Money’s Worst Enemy

It’s called the business CYCLE for a reason!

The Documented Life of a Passionate Wealth Builder

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