Personal Wealth Protection is not a product. Its a process.

It is not a thing you buy; rather, its a series of things you do to protect your nest egg. Its the way people handle money who cant afford to lose that money.

Adopting a “Never. Lose. Money.” strategy, means that the ways you save, spend and invest money are all done so with a sharp eye and a tight fist!

What does our Personal Wealth Protection process look like?

Personal Wealth Protection is a customized model built on the same structure as the six-step financial planning model established by the CFP® Board for Certified Financial Planners®.

Step 1. Establish and define your goals and expectations.

Step 2. Gather the information we require to know your current situation and understand your current financial situation.

Step 3. Analyze and evaluate the client’s current financial picture.

Step 4. Present a range of appropriate solutions for improvement.

Step 5. Implement the new solutions.

Step 6. Monitor the progress of investor behavior, financial viability and investment success against the benchmark of past experiences.

This standardized and comprehensive approach ensures that each client receives the same level of care and attention, without fail. There are no “big clients”, so it doesn’t matter how much money you have. What matters are the problems you need to solve and the goals you wish to achieve.

Most of the solutions and strategies involved may be familiar to you, some not so much.

Here is a short list to introduce you to the concept.

  • Eliminating the risk of income loss
  • Eliminating the risk of capital loss
  • Life Insurance ownership, adequacy and beneficiary analysis
  • Legacy planning
  • Asset location modeling
  • Debt consolidation and management
  • Gifting strategies
  • Post-retirement Financial Planning
  • Income Tax minimization
  • Estate Tax minimization
  • Ownership alternatives

WealthKeep targets solutions that will allow you to achieve Personal Wealth Protection:

  • Income Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Asset Review and Location Analysis
  • Insured Guaranteed Principal Protection
  • Estate Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Budget and Conservation Spending
  • Debt Analysis
  • Life Insurance Adequacy
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Income Distribution Planning

Personal Wealth Protection.