Are you ready to put a toe in the water and experience,no cost, no obligation coaching? Great!

We offer Group and Individual sessions…choose the best for you!

Free Introductory Group Online Workshop. No cost. No obligation. No worries!

Group Client Coaching may be your preferred choice if you aren’t sure you are ready for individualized attention. Our group boot camp-style webinar workshops are interactive, hands-on learning experiences designed to educate, stimulate and even entertain. 

The sessions are structured to mirror the same ICF-accepted coaching protocols as our individual private client engagements.

Because online sessions are shared with a group, we do not discuss private and confidential issues. The sessions are structured to “fix the investments” and build practical strategic wealth building skills.

Group sessions are great as a standalone offering, and can also serve as a springboard to more tailored private engagements. Group sessions are an opportunity for you to kick the tires and judge whether personal session would be of further benefit to them.

If you are new to us, then the Free Introductory Group Workshop is the place to start. Offered three times a year, the free workshops are designed to introduce you to the work we do, by giving you access to ideas that will help you move forward immediately, our gift to you.

From there you may want to enroll in longer term personal or group coaching engagements that will provide more specialized knowledge and individualized attention.

  • Fix The Investor, Fix the Investments: Becoming an Intelligent Investor Workshop
  • The Wealth Building Project: Passive Make Index Investing Workshop
  • The Wealth Preservation Project: Active Keep Workshop
  • Everyday Money: Personal Finance Workshop
  • Young Money. What they didn’t teach you in college, school or at the dinner table!

We deliver our coaching workshops throughout the year, and along with the valuable, immediately usable guidance that we present, we will outline the costs of standard group and private client engagements. From there, it’s up to you!

Take a baby step!

CLICK HERE to sign up for our Free Introductory Group Online Workshop invitation list. We only need your name and email, and typeWORKSHOPS” in the message box. We promise not to spam you and we will never ask for any other personal information. (However, gender and age are appreciated as they help us to focus our marketing messages based on demographics.)

Free 1:1 Introductory Coaching. No cost. No obligation. No worries!

Solutions are only as relevant as the problems they attempt to solve. We believe its a problem when investors are reliant on Wall Street, and we also believe Investor Self-sufficiency is a better way, so our customized solutions are designed to solve that singular problem through both behavioral and skill-set fixes.

If you are ready for personalized attention, then the Free Introductory 1:1 Coaching Discovery Session is the place to start. 

How it works:

  • Private Client 1:1 Coaching starts with a no-cost introductory phone meeting where we will get to know you and what you’re looking to accomplish. 
  • Then if you decide that coaching is the right road for you, we will discuss a non-binding, non-contractual coaching agreement that outlines the solutions we will provide to you.
  • Through as few as two or three, or a longer series of detailed phone conversations we can uncover issues and concerns that may be hampering your financial wellness. We are not psychologists,  we are coaches that know how to uncover issues that may be holding you back from becoming a successful investor.

CLICK HERE to enter your name on our Free Introductory 1:1 Coaching Discovery Session invitation list. We only need your name and email, and type “FREE COACHING” in the message box. We promise not to spam you and we will never ask for any other personal information. (However, gender and age are appreciated as they help us to focus our marketing messages based on demographics.)

What are you worried about?

Worried about “being sold”? Don’t! We don’t do the hard sell. Ever. We are really skilled coaches and advisers; as salespeople we suck!

Worried about privacy? Don’t! All of our 1:1 Coaching calls are private and confidential. We never request or take your financial information, account numbers or credit card numbers. Coaching engagements and workshop fee payments are done through the privacy and confidentiality of your PayPal or Apple Pay account.

Worried about cost? Don’t! There is never a lump sum payment. We are a pay-as-you-go service, and only you can decide when you’ve had the services you need.

Worried about long-term commitments? Don’t! We state costs clearly and in writing, and there are never contracts that bind you. You are always in control.

Worried about having to sign some long-term contract? Nope!

No worries!

WealthKeep coaching, training, consulting and advisory solutions are client-centered, private, confidential, low-cost, packed full of value and there are never any surprises. Curious? Take that baby step and give us a shout!

Free Introductory Online Group Workshop: No cost. No obligation. No worries!
Free Introductory 1:1 Coaching Discovery Session

What have you got to lose?

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