If you ARE a financial professional, we offer Wealth Coach Training and Money Coach Training to help you expand your practice. Qualifications are:

  • Licensing: Registered Investment Advisor, FINRA licensed or Insurance Agent
  • Certification: CPA, Certified Financial Planner,  ChFC, CIMA or other recognized industry certification, or
  • Current Financial Coach

If you ARE NOT a financial professional, we offer Money Coach Training to help you start your practice.

Are you the one everyone comes to for answers about life’s assorted problems? Do those problems typically include a financial element? Have you ever thought about being a money coach?  WealthKeep Money Coach training is designed for people who would like to attain money coaching skills to expand or start their own practice. If you believe that Money Coaching may be the best entry point to start your financial career, contact us.

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Coach Training is a self-study and group video conference program.

We only need your name and email, and type “COACH TRAINING” in the message box. We promise not to spam you and we will never ask for any other personal information. (However, gender and age are appreciated as they help us to focus our marketing messages based on demographics.)

The terms “Certified Financial Planner “and “CFP ” are exclusively reserved  for professionals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.
Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

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