Climate change is not an existential threat to our planet…

Climate change is real.

Climate change is not an existential threat to our planet.

The truth is this: Having no access to reliable energy is an existential threat to the poorest nations in the world.

While all of us want to be good stewards and good neighbors, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is an existential threat to the wealth of everyday people and small businesses in all nations.

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Article link: Climate Change Dispatch, January 19, 2022, “The ESG Movement Is Anti-Energy, Anti-Development, And Anti-Human.”

Excerpt: ESG is…an immoral and financially ruinous movement that is destroying the free world’s ability to produce low-cost, reliable energy. This prevents poor countries from developing and threatens America’s security…In reality, ESG was a movement cooked up at the UN–not exactly a leading expert in profitable investment–to impose moral and political agendas…

If you are in the financial services industry, and your job is advising clients about investments that are in their best interests, you had better learn all that you can about ESG, and push back on its most damaging aspects. There are too many great industries, theories, practices, and ideologies, and good people, that ESG threatens to drown out and do meaningful financial harm. Our clients deserve better.

And the poorest nations in the world cannot defend themselves from this charade. –JG, 1-21-22

West Virginia does the right thing.