WealthKeep offers services to a very select and important clientele: Retirees and Seasoned Citizens.

The financial services and solutions we offer are designed to do two things: Create an enjoyable, worry-free lifestyle for our senior clients and establish their financial sustainability.

What is Money Coaching?

Money Coaching is the perfect marriage of behavioral economics (peoples biases and behaviors relating to money) and sound money management skills.

Very few financial professionals are offering coaching to their private clients, since the emphasis of coaching is on education and self-improvement, not on product sales.

Advisors from big, national firms can’t afford to offer coaching services because it doesn’t fit the corporate models of the big banks and brokerages. So coaching has become the province of independent advisers, financial planners and even coaches without backgrounds in financial services.

In its ideal form, money coaching helps you discover your unconscious and destructive beliefs, biases and behaviors that have held you back from making smarter money choices. In retirement, it is critical to develop positive behaviors that will help you build a relevant expectation of money.

Money Coaching is not financial services; it’s “people services,” so not surprisingly, it is a practice dedicated to helping people reach their fullest potential, financially, and as a welcome consequence, a more prosperous lifestyle.

What does our AWP process looks like?

Advanced Wealth Protection is a customized model built on the same structure as the six-step financial planning model established by the CFP® Board for Certified Financial Planners®.

Step 1. Establish and define your goals and expectations.

Step 2. Gather the information we require to know your current situation and understand your current financial situation.               

Step 3. Analyze and evaluate the client’s current financial picture.

Step 4. Present a range of appropriate solutions for improvement.

Step 5. Implement the new solutions.

Step 6. Monitor the progress of investor behavior, financial viability and investment success against the benchmark of past experiences.

This standardized and comprehensive approach ensures that each client receives the same level of care and attention, without fail. There are no “big clients”, so it doesn’t matter how much money you have. What matters are the problems you need to solve and the goals you wish to achieve.

What is Client Self-sufficiency?

Client Self-sufficiency is the singular desired ultimate outcome of money coaching, the state of being where investors no longer depend on Wall Street or its brokers and agents, having developed the emotional composure and intellectual ability to make their own money decisions based on their objectives-based financial plans.

It means fixing the investor. It means fixing the investments. It means fixing the money. It means fixing the future.

Fix the Investor is a new and provocative idea for most investors. Modifying or eliminating destructive human emotional responses to your relationship with money helps you establish a stronger and more behaviorally stable financial foundation. Becoming an emotionally intelligent investor is far more important than merely picking the right stock. Making life-transforming financial decisions depends on changing how you react to internal and external stimuli when you are investing the family fortunes! 

The objective is to eliminate destructive, loss-producing habits and replace random emotional decision making with a decisive process that reflects your personal policy statement and financial plans.

Fix the Investments means that you must stop trying to BEAT the market, because in the long run you won’t. Stop wasting your time and energy attempting to interpret the financial tea leaves as if you were the only inhabitant of this planet to have access to the magic formula! It’s time to learn how to BE the market and start building intelligent portfolios by adopting a superior passive strategy with a goals-based allocation model tailored to your goals. Instead of trying to pick the right stocks and fee-sucking active mutual funds, start building strong allocations by tracking the broad market with low-cost passive investments, as opposed to finding yourself underwater, attempting to chase returns with expensive and disappointing actively managed approaches.

Together, Fix the Investor and Fix the Investments form the foundation of Client Self-sufficiency, a new investing paradigm centered around self-improvement and a tight set of personal investing protocols that will allow you to achieve your most important life goals through the power of passive investing and keeping more of what you make.

WealthKeep focuses on the investor first, and then the investments. Why? Because investors are emotional and inefficient when handling their money. So emotional and inefficient, in fact, that they will turn otherwise good investments into bad outcomes. Check the annual DALBAR study to see proof!

Fixing the investor comes first. If you don’t improve as an investor its highly unlikely you will achieve your financial goals. Coaching helps you become an effective, self-sufficient investor by identifying biases and bad habits, behavioral barriers that are preventing you from successful outcomes in your investment portfolio and overall wealth building efforts.

Fixing the investments comes next, learning the specific tools you will use to build and ultimately preserve your wealth. This includes everything from establishing a workable budget and taming harmful spending, to investing in the stock market and reducing taxes to the bare bone.

What is the coach’s role?

An experienced coach is a collaborator, not a dictator, and knows how to partner with his clients to get the most from their coach-client collaboration. Simply put, your coach should help you simplify your life by helping you make smarter choices with your money. And smarter choices lead directly to reducing the stress that’s inherent in making financial decisions when you’re not sure what to do. Less stress and smarter decisions will help to improve your overall financial wellness, day to day, decade to decade.

A seasoned coach knows how to ask important, powerful questions and actively listen, with the objective of understanding your unique circumstances. After identifying the nuances in your situation, your coach can provide feedback and start a discussion about mutually agreed-upon action steps in clear, jargon-free language.

A seasoned coach will motivate, challenge and support you long enough to help you implement your new skills, help you grow through the changes and see that your established goals are being achieved. And even after your coach is no longer in the picture, an engaged professional coach will always be able to reenter the picture at a later date to provide the support you need.

BreadFix has a primary goal for each private client coaching engagement: Investor Self-sufficiency.

Work with a money coach? What does that mean?*

If you’ve worked with a traditional broker, adviser or financial planner, you already know what they do, but what a money coach can bring to the table may not be quite as apparent. The principles of coaching tell us that our clients already have the instinctual ability to determine and achieve their goals, but often don’t because they may require help and support defining those goals, making a plan and moving forward. Our shared goal is Investor Self-sufficiency.

Money coaches are not psychologists or counselors, but can help all types of clients who may require a friendly nudge toward self-sufficiency.

Private Client or Group coaching right for me?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Coaching success comes down to your expectations and your openness to being coached.

Some people are simply not “coachable,” and because of their prior experiences as investors, their inherent defensiveness against manipulative sales tactics is not misplaced. Some investors will always keep their guards up and resist coaching collaboration, thinking that financial coaching is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s to be expected!

For the collaboration-minded client, an experienced coach will motivate, challenge and support you long enough to help you implement your new behaviors and strategic skill set. A skilled coach will help you become Investor Self-sufficient.

How long does a Private Client coaching engagement last?

We invite all of our prospective clients to kick the tires first, by attending one of our free online group workshops or scheduling a free coaching discovery session. We hold them several time throughout the year, and they’re a perfect way to get a sense of what we’re all about. 

At the conclusion of  each workshop we will invite members of the group to schedule a complimentary (no-cost, no pressure) phone consultation, a private and confidential that we call a “discovery session.”

At the conclusion of the forty-five minute discovery session, if both parties believe there would be value in a 1:1 Private Client coaching relationship, we will email our Engagement Agreement to you. Its not a contract, simply a “rules of the road” agreement that clearly spells out what you can expect from a BreadFix coaching engagement, your objectives, your expectations and costs. No coaching will begin unless both of us agree to move ahead.

After that, it’s up to you. A coaching engagement may be as brief as two or three sessions, or can last for a longer period of time, based on your particular expectations. Each client’s situation is unique. (Client coaching may be delivered in a group setting through your employer or organization. Let us know if you are a member of a group that would benefit from group instruction.

What can I expect to get out of this?

First, we should share the same goal: Investor Self-sufficiency.

An experienced financial coach can add value by helping clients understand what they have done well and where they’ve made mistakes, so the client’s existing knowledge and experiences form the foundation on which to build higher level behaviors, skills and strategies.

Before coaching, most of our clients have gained some level of hands-on practical financial experience, whether it’s maintaining a budget or investing for retirement. It is likely they have attempted to build wealth under the standard Wall Street prescription: buying and selling. Unprepared for the market’s realities, they go weak in the knees when they face the market’s inevitable hazards. Too few have done well enough to change their lives in a meaningful way.

The promise of beating the market is Wall Street’s premeditated lure. It’s a powerful elixir, so potent that billions of dollars have been lost in the never ending churn of activity, hopping from one stock to the next, hoping that it will be different this time. It usually isn’t.

So we need to start by examining your day to day relationship with money.

No worries!

If you are just a bit worried about “being sold,” don’t worry!

  • We don’t do the hard sell, ever! That’s a promise.
  • We never ask for your financial information like account numbers or credit card numbers. We don’t need them. Coaching fee payments are done through PayPal or Apple Pay.
  • We are strictly “pay as you go,” there is never a lump sum payment.
  • We don’t believe in contracts that bind you to some indefinite service period. 
  • We use agreements that outline coaching expectations, and you can “fire” us at any time without penalty, but we hope you don’t!

Still not sure? Sleep on it and give us a shout in the morning!